As a new fashion brand, we have the possibility to choose what kind of message we want to convey from the beginning. Zanami chooses sustainability. When it comes to selecting the fabric to make our products, we don't go to the simple, but to what is better. Therefore, all the products that we are going to offer will be respectful with the environment from their making to their packaging.
In addition, fabric remnants from garments made at Zanami are saved for later reuse. In the manufacture of our garments we try to generate as little waste as possible. An example of this is our Eri Collar, made with the leftovers from the production of Shatsu Shirts. 


We must confess that we use plastic ... but not in the way you imagine. Let us explain.                      
Some of our garments are made with recycled fabrics from plastic bottles and fabrics that have already been thrown away. These materials are crushed to obtain thread and later weave the fabric, process that emits 75% less CO2 emissions than traditional ones. In addition, the use of oil is not required to carry out this manufacturing process, which is another point in its favor.
But don't worry, because the resulting fabric is not of lower quality or durability than one that is manufactured in a conventional way. The characteristics of the fabric are the same.


Following the concept of sustainability, all the fabrics we use in our garments are dyed in an environmentally friendly way. The colored t-shirts are dyed with ecological dyes and the garments with printed fabrics have been produced using the digital textile printing technique with water-based dyes. This one is an ecological technique that does not use running water and the only waste it generates is paper, which is also recycled later.